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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Machine Turret

A little thing I put together in a few days. It can fire all 11 rounds up to a meter, in under a second. It has unlimited rotations and little under 50 degrees of elevation.
Completion date: 30/10/11
Weight: 602g (21oz)
Dimensions (with turret in lowest position): 32x18x28 studs
Power: electric (power functions)
Motors: 2x XL Motor 1x M Motor

the idea was simple: a working full R/C gun and this is what I came up with. although the range is pathetic, one meter (3 ft) at best, due to not-so-strong spring, but it's heaps of fun. I later had the idea to use an 8-way joystick (thank you Jason Railton!)and it makes so much of a difference.

the mechnisim: the wheel constantly pull's the spring back then releases it. the spring's useful shape made it easy to build. the ammo clip only has a 1x1 hole to fall down so the clip stops when there is a new projectile ready. due to the fact that gravity only falls down, when the barrel is in the highest position it mostly only fires one projectile. the mech is based on the one Sariel used in his tripod gun (actually the whole thing is very heavily based on that!) if i had another working M-Motor (I have one dead one) i would use it for rotation, but an XL was needed to lift the barrel due to it's easy-to-use shape and the extra power.

Credit to Sariel for his Tripod gun
Flickr or Brickshelf
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  1. Wow You are one clever 11 year old. Keep on inventing.

  2. Incredible. Love it. Excellent photo illustration too.

  3. hi i'm a another 11 year old techinc inventor. i live in australia.I've built a few models but the've mostly sucked or failed. your gun is really cool. at the moment i'm working on a mobile crane. its massive with nine axels and 160 studs long.
    P.S what happened to your motor? sunk boat? bye

  4. 160 studs long?!? I have a somewhat long term plan to build a 100 stud long bus. As for the motor, it just didn't turn on one day. I think it is the wire, broken in two places.

  5. it's the 11 yea old aussie again. it's got independate suspesion on the driven wheels and unsprung pendular suspension on the steered wheels. i'm thinking of getting a website under the name Robbo soon.

  6. Nice! By website do you mean blog? Blogs are free. Do you have a Flickr / brickshelf / YouTube channel/ something like that?

  7. 11 year old aussie again. i'll get a blog and a youtube channel. My dad had to buy a video camera for work and we get to keep it which means videos o my stuff.

  8. Cool. FYI: I'm using a Sony a35 (vids and pics) and/or my iPod Touch (vids).

  9. Hi it's your cousin Sam candy machine - AWESOME!!!

  10. Hi it's ur cuzzie Josh. Ford Mustang - AWESOME!!

  11. Hey Elli, Josh again any new projects coming up?

  12. I'm starting to make a lightweight drifting car, similar to http://www.flickr.com/photos/28134808@N02/sets/72157626047182631/

    1. Hows the drifting car going

    2. not that well, not much better than http://www.flickr.com/photos/thetechnickiwi/6643623129/ now i just need to buy & mount the battery box and spring, then 'shell' it.

    3. wat about the battery box from the mustang?